Come discover our Top 2 finalists of each category!

The finalists will perform live in the Arts Centre on December 1st. Stay tuned for more details

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Steps to Win


What is the deadline to submit a video?

You have until the 30th of September to submit your video. The earlier you submit your video, the more time you have for people to see your video and vote for you.

Which videos/performances are eligible for participation?

Entries from both professional and amateur artists are accepted. Videos must be of sufficient sound and visual quality to allow the contestant’s ability to be demonstrated. The video must also demonstrate a reasonable level of artistic ability by the performer. Videos may not contain any offensive or racist material, or contain any nudity or other content not suitable for a younger audience.

What happens after I submit my video?

Your video will be vetted by our Artistic Director for quality and censorship purposes, after which it will be displayed on the Caudan Live website. Any videos not meeting our minimum requirements will be rejected and you will be informed accordingly.

How do I make it through to the next round?

In order to make it through the first round, you need to:
1. Receive as many votes as possible on the website. Tell your friends, family and everyone you know to come to to vote!
2. Each of our jury members will also vote their top 5 favourite videos in each category. A vote from a jury member will double the number of public votes you have received from the public.
3. The Five Contestants of each category make it through to Round 2.

How to vote?

Beneath each video, the website visitors will find a ‘Vote Now’ button and a ‘Register’ button. Visitors must register using either their email address or Facebook profile in order to vote. Each person may only vote once for a particular video, but is allowed to vote for multiple videos. There are numerous security layers in place to prevent voter fraud. Any votes found to be coming from the same user for a particular video will not be counted.

What is folk?

Wondering whether or not your performance belongs here? In this category, different entries will be accepted: folk music (sega typik and songs in bhojpuri with traditional instruments), folk dance (based on traditional or even ceremonial songs with relevant costumes) and tales/storytelling (or dramatised versions of folktales and local myths and legends)

When will the Top 5 contestants from Round 1 be announced?

The top 5 will be announced on October 2nd

What happens in Round 2?

The top 5 contestants from each category will have the opportunity to show more of what they can do, tell their personal story and record their performances in a studio like environment in Caudan. In this round, there are again votes from the jury members and the public which will determine the two winners from this Round. This Round will last 5 weeks and the top 2 winners will be announced on the 8th of November.

How do I know the votes are fair?

We have appointed a registered usher to supervise and certify the vote count for both Round 1 and Round 2.

What happens after Round 2?

The top 2 contestants to make through will perform live on stage on the 1 st of December. Over three weeks as from the 7 th of November, the Top 2 will collaborate and work with our Artistic Director and Jury members to prepare for the show on the 1 st of December.

What are the prizes?

The top 2 contestants will both receive a contract for representation by a Talent Agency and be invited to present a ticketed performance in the Caudan Arts Centre during 2019. On top of this, the winner will receive a cash prize of MRU 200,000 offered by our sponsors.

Who are the members of the Jury?

Marjorie Barbe Munien is one of the founders of Jump Around Youth Concert and was one of its organisers from 1993 to 2005. Many established musicians today in Mauritius and internationally had their first beginnings with the Jump Around Youth Concert. Besides this, Marjorie is the Vice President of the Creole Speaking Union and is a board member of the Artis foundation. She brings a wealth of experience in spotting and helping new talent grow.

Kooshal Avish Dwarka is a recording engineer and music producer who has worked extensively on a number of projects locally and internationally. He has been a member of the Jury for Jeux de la Francophonie (2013 and 2017) as well as the MBC Rock contest. Kooshal has also been involved in stage management of different shows by namely, Cassiya, The Prophecy, Otentik Groove and Alain Ramanisum.

Dean Nookadu is a classically trained pianist who is known for his wide repertoire of music ranging from classical to jazz and world music. Recently on tour in Ghana and Singapore, Dean has been involved in a number of artistic projects spanning various art forms. Dean is also currently working on music direction for ‘Porgy ek Bess’, as a music teacher and board member of the Artis foundation.