Infuzion Dance Team


Infuzion Dance Team

Infuzion by Prerna creates an inclusive space for dancers of varying abilities to find their natural rhythm. We come from different backgrounds, and represent varying dance styles. What makes us unique is that we try to blend our differences into a fusion of steps and rhythms, which is very much what Mauritius is about. Team dancing, while challenging because it requires coordination on many levels, allows us to bond and develop a greater commitment to dance especially when preparing for various performances. The reason why six of our dancers have wanted to participate in the Caudan Live Competition is because it is a platform, which allows us to send a message through art and to really showcase who we are, as there are no boundaries set to creativity.

Infuzion Dance Team

We want to raise awareness about plastic use through dance: A flower wrapped in plastic, plastic wrappers polluting the sea and the forest, where we can no longer enjoy the beauty of nature. Our dancers have used the platform of CaudanLive to spread an important message through art.

Concept: Prerna Bholah

Performers: Ashmita Seepursaund Ramsurrun, Prerna Bholah, Manjeeta Nekitsing, Ashley Chiniah, Roshni Beerjafan, Jake Jason Fabre

Technical team: BeMultimedia


Author : Prerna Bholah



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