Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions below tell you how you may use the caudanlive.com website (“the website” or “the online platform”) and other services provided by Caudan Development Ltd (“CDL”) for your own personal and non-commercial use. Please read these carefully before registering to participate to “Caudan Live” and note that CDL may update the terms and conditions from time to time, so kindly review them regularly.

By accessing and continuing to register and use the services as described below, you agree to be legally bound by the present terms and conditions. If you do not agree with any of these, then you should not register, nor use the services.


  • Introduction


CDL is pleased to produce “Caudan Live”, a talent competition organised in the Republic of Mauritius, as opening event to launch the Caudan Arts Center (“the CAC”) on 1st December 2018 (“the Event”) and has been duly authorised to do so by the relevant administrative authorities.

CDL is a company of limited liability duly registered under the laws of the Republic of Mauritius, having its registered office situated at 8th Floor, Dias Pier Building, Le Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis, Mauritius.


  • Registration


The candidates shall register their participation online through the website. For the avoidance of any doubt, it is clearly understood and agreed by the candidates that CDL will not be held liable for any technical, networking, IT failure and/or any other fact of similar nature, which the candidates may face whilst registering through the online platform.

The online registration for new artists will start as of 12th August 2018 (…), at 10:00 a.m. (Mauritian time), and be closed on the 30th of September, at 10:00 a.m. (Mauritian time).

All candidates acknowledge and agree to provide the following information in order to complete their registration:

  • Name,
  • Personal e-mail address,
  • Address
  • Personal phone number.


  • Conditions of registration


All registration conditions as stated below shall be strictly implemented. CDL therefore will not treat a registration as valid in the event of any condition lacking and/or breach, default, fraud in the registration process. Candidates will have no recourse against any decision made by CDL in respect of the registration or disqualification of any candidate, as described below.


The competition is open to candidates of any age.

All candidates under the age of eighteen (18) must provide to CDL by e-mail a letter of consent signed by both parents and/or any legal guardian to the effect that they have been duly authorised to participate to the Event and will have to be accompanied by their parents and/or legal guardians at any audition and signature of agreement (if any).

Mauritian/Residence in the Republic of Mauritius

All candidates shall be either Mauritian, or residing on a permanent basis in the Republic of Mauritius.


The registration is opened to all physical persons, whether acting individually or in group. In the event of the registration of a group of artists, the documents information mentioned in the above clause 2 will have to be provided to CDL for each member of the group.


CDL reserves the right to disqualify, at any time during the Event, candidates for dishonesty, voting fraud, obscene language, offensive behaviour, and/or any other act of similar nature, at CDL’s sole discretion.


  • Duration


The Event shall be organised over a period of five (5) months, the key dates being the following:

  • 14th August 2018:
All candidates will be invited to submit to the online platform video showing their artistic talents.
  • 1st of October 2018:
The top 5 of each genre will be announced and the second round of voting will begin.
  • 7th November 2018:
The top 2 finalists of each genre will be announced.
  • 1st December 2018:
The final of the Event will be held live on stage on the opening night of the CAC during which the top 2 finalists of each genre will battle it out to be crowned the winner.


CDL reserves the right, at its discretion, to make alterations in the format, agenda or programme of the Event.

Should the Event be postponed, fully or in part, for any reason whatsoever, CDL undertakes that it will inform all candidates accordingly and use its best endeavours to reschedule the Event within one (1) year.

CDL shall not be liable to the candidates for any reason whatsoever if any key date of the Event is being postponed as a consequence of the above stated provisions.


  • Prizes


CDL is pleased to announce that the following prizes will be offered:

  • To each best performer of the five genres, a grand prize of Rs200,000;
  • To each two finalists of the five genres, a contract for representation by a Talent Agency to advance their careers.

CDL does not warrant or guarantee that successful careers will be achieved by the candidates. CDL therefore encourages the candidates not to make decisions about their future lives based only on the outcome of the Event and shall not, in any manner whatsoever, be held responsible for any damage caused as a result of their own decisions.

  • Selection of artistic performances


CDL will use its best endeavours to organise an independent, fair and objective procedure leading to the reward of the best candidates. To that effect, CDL wishes to be fully transparent about the conduct of the Event, which will be as follows:

  • Phase 1:

(12/08/18 to 30/09/18)

All candidates shall upload one video to the website. All videos will be hosted by Youtube or Facebook with an extended player within the Event’s website. The visitors will vote directly for their favourite candidate on the online platform. There will also be a jury vote by each member of the jury for their Top 5 videos of each genre which will double the number of public votes received by a candidate. The visitors will get to vote once for their favourite candidate in each category and will need to provide their email address in order to vote.
  • Phase 2:

(01/10/18 to 07/11/18)

The top 5 candidates/scores of each category to make it through to the second round of the competition will be able to upload more videos of themselves to the website. The top 2 winners of this stage are decided entirely by the public with no intervention from the jury. Recording facilities will also be available in Caudan for the candidates on specific days. Users having voted for the top 5 artists in Round 1 will not be able to vote again for the same artist.
  • Phase 3:

(08/11/18 to 01/12/18)

Mr. Ashish Beesoondial, our Theatre Manager, will prepare the final of the Event with the candidates over three (3) weeks before the show scheduled for 1st December 2018. It is understood that the candidates shall use their best efforts to attend all rehearsals which will be scheduled, as far as reasonably possible, at convenient dates and hours. The winner of each category will be decided by a jury and announced on the evening.

For the avoidance of any doubt, it is clearly stipulated that only the public votes made on the website will count and that the jury votes will be final. No complaint or claim of whatsoever nature will be entertained by CDL following the decision of the jury.

The jury will be composed of three (3) members who are popular figures in the artistic community.

CDL has appointed a registered usher to supervise the smooth running of the above-mentioned phases.

CDL therefore shall not be liable to any candidates for their elimination and no complaint in respect of the votes, whether by the public or the jury, will be entertained by CDL.


  • Advertising

All candidates acknowledge and agree that CDL will be responsible for the promotion and advertising of the Event, including, without limitation, the provision of online content, online social media and/or interactive applications, audio visual content, text, photographs, forums, and any similar service. To that effect, CDL is duly authorised to use, without any limitation, the candidates’ name, photograph, image and other likeness. In particular, the candidates acknowledge and agree that CDL may produce and broadcast a video biography of their lives.


  • Data protection policy

All candidates are hereby informed that their following personal data (“the personal data”) will be collected by CDL while they will register to participate to the Event:

  • Name,
  • Personal address e-mail,
  • Address
  • Personal phone number.

The personal data will be collected and processed in a legal and fair manner, for the following purposes only:

  • Communication with the candidates, and
  • Advertising and marketing opportunities.

Given the nature of the Event, CDL wishes to clearly inform all candidates that their identity and some other information as deemed necessary and agreed by the candidates, shall be disclosed to the public at large for advertising and marketing purposes.

By registering to the Event through the website, you agree that you have read and accept to be bound by the terms of Clause 8. As a consequence, you expressly give your consent and agree to the disclosure of your personal data by CDL.


  • Amendment of terms and conditions


The above terms and conditions in respect of the Event are available on the website.

CDL reserves the right to modify, amend and/or vary the said terms and conditions at its discretion. In such case, CDL shall use its best endeavours to inform the candidates accordingly, but the candidates understand and agree that the onus will be on them to regularly go on the website and read the terms and conditions to be informed about any latest modification, amendment and/or variation.

By ticking thie acknowledgement of terms and conditions box, you acknowledge that you have read and agree with the above terms and conditions, and particularly you hereby give your express consent to your personal data collection and processing according to clause 8 in the manner and for the purposes as stated therein.