Congratulations to our Top 2 Finalists!

After much deliberation amongst jury members, and taking into account the votes from the public, we are proud to announce our 2 finalists who will perform live in the Arts Centre theatre on December 1st. Check out their performances below.

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Muzzamil Kataully

Category : Theatre
Name of Original Artist or Own Creation: Kataully Muhammad Muzzamil
Title: Pa deranz moi!!!
503 Votes

She Ryl

Category : Theatre

Dans cette video sans montage, afin de reproduire un cadre théâtrale,je reprends le rôle d’April issue de la série “In Treatment”.
Elle est une jeune femme de 23 ans qui est atteinte de cancer.

Name of Original Artist or Own Creation: In treatment
Title: Acting
Title: Acting
477 Votes